…and so it begins

I decided that I wanted to start another blog–but not like the one I already have, more like a place for everything else I’m thinking to go. A thought cupboard, if you will. I’ve been reading a lot of kick ass books recently (in a mostly effective effort to swear off netflix and amazon instant video until 2015, when all the good shows’ new seasons release) and have found myself incredibly inspired. I hope to ramble about all types of things, from my experiences as an author, to what types of flours substitutions I recommend.

My main website has evolved quite a bit in the past 5 years; I’ve gone from amateur recipe writer (once manifest:vegan) to published cookbook author, and in that time I’ve lost the space for my words to live–especially those that don’t somehow tie into a recipe I’ve created. My main site also no longer supports comments and I feel I’ve lost a connection with my readers that I’d love to cultivate in this space. So, if you have found me, welcome!

Please feel free to leave comments. I love a good conversation.

* This blog may be a tad navel-gazey, and I’ll probably drop the f bomb a time or two. Fair warning.

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